As early in the mid-90s, electronic music was a big topic for me. Underneath i discovered new music directions like Rave/Techno and end of the 90s Trance and Drum N Bass. In early 2000 discovered other genres from Hardcore/Gabber to Metal/Industrial.

Now, however, we come to the music production. At some point I wanted to produce music myself. In 1997 I tried to play melodies on keyboards. In 1999 I tried my luck with programs like Rave Ejay/Dance Ejay, Magix Music Maker 3.0 and Fasttracker 2. My project Mellow Sonic was started end of the Year 1999.

It took me a while until I finally discovered Orion Platinum around 2002, but then later moved on to FL Studio because it just brought me more advantages and so it all started....


My primary focus is to create science fictional Music. This includes various genres such as Drum & Bass/Jungle/Breaks, Trance (goa/psy and uplifting), Techno, Downtempo and Ambient/Soundtrack.

In the time, I had also participated in other projects (Biosys, Arikatoku Shimo, Shen Nevan, Duncan Mep, with Katozuka on Aenigmatica and with Xenofish on Starforgers)

My Music was released under Labels as Phat Groove/AWJ Records, Artmatic Records, Cosmicopia Records and Ektoplazm.


Furthermore, some remixes of video game soundtracks were released.. Among them e.g. Need For Speed Reloaded was my first remix project and next one was the complete Extreme G soundtrack. More of such remix soundtracks can be found on my Bandcamp page.

I recently started the Synesthesics project in 2016, but now it's closed again in 2020 and returned to the roots with

Mellow Sonic.